Hospitality Consulting Services


We provide a full range of Hotel, Resorts, Restaurants, Consulting services to all types and sizes of Businesses, public and private, startup and established.

Professional Training


Professional training is necessary to make a skillful and efficient work force so necessary to make a successful and profit-making Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants

Staff Training


Provides Staff training for Front Office, Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, House Keeping Staffs etc. Professional training to understand their functions and scope, to create an atmosphere of professional discipline and skills efficiency.

  • Front Office Staff Training
  • Food & Beverage service Training
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • House Keeping Training

Strategic Planning


A Hotel & Restaurant must be properly organized and positioned to achieve its goals. We can help you develop business and plans, do feasibility studies relevant to your business and construct strategic growth plans so that you can clearly visualize the future course of the business.

Management Assistance


We can help you operate your new Hotel Business during its critical first few years of development. With our experience, we can perform many functions faster and with greater expertise, saving your money and time in implementing the Hotel management program.

Development of Systems & Procedures


Proper setup of Systems and Procedures keeps the property running smoothly. Controls, Checks and Counterchecks help in minimizing wastage and other losses. We will guide you in the development of the following systems and procedures.

Forms & Formats :
These are important tools that need to be developed for better control of overall operations.

Cost Control :
Profits are directly related to controlling costs.

Food Costs, Procedures & Systems :
Methods and formulae to get a rational idea of what one is really earning.

Vendor Contracts :
The entire process of floating tenders, selection of vendors and formalizing contracts is essential for cost and quality control.

Purchase / Receiving /Stores System :
The Stores and Inventory System needs careful planning and implementation.

System of Effective Management :
Planning and developing tools for interaction between different departments brings about effective management.